Kix Brooks is gearing up for what will be a significant day in his newly-birthed solo career. The iconic Brooks and Dunn hitmaker is set to release his debut album as a standalone artist in September.

'New to This Town' will hit stores on Tuesday, September 11. The 12-track album will feature nine tunes which were co-written by Brooks, including the album's first single and title track, 'New to This Town.'

"I made an album that really is close to my heart, and it's a whole lot of fun,” says the singer. “For the most part, the music's  just ... it's kind of fun and games and hangin' it out there and thinkin' about gettin' back in a lot of those clubs and festivals and gettin' to play again. It's like, you know, people come to enjoy themselves, and I think this album in  a lot of ways is about that."

The project has another famous name behind the tracks as well. Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts served as the co-producer for the record.

On July 10, Brooks will check another first off the list when he takes the stage at the Grand Ole Opry for his solo debut, leading up to the release of 'New to This Town,' on shelves everywhere this September.

Kix Brooks' 'New to This Town' Track Listing:

1. 'New to This Town' (Featuring Joe Walsh)
2. 'Moonshine Road'
3. 'Bring It on Home
4. 'There's the Sun'
5. 'Complete 360'
6. 'My Baby'
7. 'Tattoo'
8. 'In the Right Place'
9. 'Next to That Woman'
10. 'Let's Do This Thing'
11. 'Closin' Time at Home'
12. 'She Knew I Was a Cowboy'