After teasing us with five-second clips of the video for 'Just a Kiss,' Lady Antebellum finally debuted the whole thing this afternoon on their website.

The heart-pinching video begins with a young girl getting on a train in a foreign city. She pulls out an iPad with a video message from -- presumably -- her boyfriend. We can see Hillary Scott in the background, eyeing her. It's a subtle but powerful moment, as we are all voyeurs in this particular love story.

It then cuts to the band members performing separately in a train station, spliced with with footage from the iPad, featuring things the young couple did together as tourists and as strangers in a strange land. We see them trying on items at souvenir stands; him giving her flowers from a street vendor; them cuddling and sitting near water; visiting ancient ruins and walking backwards on Abbey Road. The memories come to life, literally, as they gallivant through London and Paris.

Anyone who has ever had a whirlwind, global romance in an unfamiliar city will appreciate the sentiments and how hard it is to say goodbye with someone you meet on the road as part of your travels. Plus, how cool is this video to feature the members Lady A as fellow passengers?

The couple, named Joy and Braden, actually meet again, on a train at night. They share a kiss ... and then reality sets in.

Spoiler alert: It turns out to be a dream or a fantasy that Joy was having while asleep. She is jolted awake on the train and Braden sits next to her and is immediately overcome by deja vu. He asks, "I'm sorry, have we met before?" and pulls out the iPad and they have an awkward conversation.

'Just a Kiss' appears on Lady A's upcoming 'Own The Night,' which is also available for pre-order now. Lady A fans will also be able to enter to win a handwritten and autographed copy of the song lyrics for 'Just a Kiss' via their website.

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