Lanco lead singer Brandon Lancaster wore his emotions on his sleeve with the band’s latest single, “Greatest Love Story.”

Penned solely by Lancaster, the song, from Lanco’s 2016 eponymous EP, follows their debut single “Long Live Tonight.” However, unlike their high-energy debut track, Lancaster and the band opted for this mid-tempo storytelling song as their follow up. It’s also a special song for Lancaster, as he says the love story within the song “hits pretty close to home.”

“We’ve all been in relationships and we’ve all been through those experiences where you’re with someone and then you spend some time apart,” Lancaster tells Taste of Country. “This specific song for me, it all started out with the first few lines of the song (‘They said I was nothing but a troublemaker / Never up to no good / You were the perfect all American girl / Wouldn’t touch me even if you could’). … It’s a story of two people getting together and then separating and then realizing through that separation that what they needed in life was each other.”

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Lancaster notes the song has an autobiographical tone at the beginning, but he believes the story has a universal storytelling aspect that transcends his personal feelings, especially the chorus.

"Cause I was gonna be your forever / You were gonna be my wife / We didn't know any better / Didn't have a clue about life / But I was what you wanted, you were what I needed / And we could meet in between / We were gonna be the greatest love story this town had ever seen."

“For me, I started dating a girl and we took some time apart,” says Lancaster. “Then we got back together and you just feel so many different emotions when that happens. It started with that opening line, but it’s not just my story. The other guys in the band have these stories and [Lanco drummer] Tripp [Howell] even married his high school sweetheart. There are pieces of all of our stories in this song."

Though there is no planned release date or album title for Lanco’s upcoming full-length effort, the band will be performing this summer at major festivals including CMA Fest and more. "Greatest Love Story" currently has over 9 million plays on Spotify.

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