Lauren Alaina packs a rooftop parking deck for a party in her fun "Next Boyfriend" video. The clip was directed by TK McKamy and features the singer gushing over a boy who looks all too familiar.

Leaning against a car, Alaina stares at a boy in the distance as actors look on and breakdance in the middle of the lot. "Please forgive me for staring it's driving me crazy where I've seen you before," she sings while making eyes at the boy in question.

Alaina wrote the song with Matt McVany and Emily Weisband after the songwriters were joking around and coming up with cheesy pickup lines. "You look a lot like my next boyfriend," she sings, hinting that she just may give this new guy her number.

The country singer looks gorgeous in the three-minute clip as she flirts and teases the new guy, dressed in a sexy little black dress and jeans with knee-high boots.

“Next Boyfriend” is the first track off Alaina's self-titled EP, released late last year. In an interview with Taste of Country Nights, the American Idol singer explains how she wrote all of the songs on her latest EP, and then some.

“I worked really hard on it. I wrote over 200 songs for the project — five of them are on the EP,” Alaina explains. “The first 100 probably wouldn’t have made it, and the second 100 we had to go through.”

It's been a while since Alaina released new music and she couldn't be more excited to share her latest songs with her fans.

“It feels really great to have new music out,” she admits. “I didn’t have any out for a very long time, so I’m excited to have stuff out for people to listen to, and I can already tell at the shows they’re singing them back to me. So that’s exciting.”

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