The ACM Awards are officially less than a month away, and that means Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton are prepping their funny bones. The duo sat down to answer the hard questions in a hilarious game of "Would You Rather?"

These two love to make jokes at one another's expense, and this game, as monitored by People magazine, was no different. The insults are intense, but luckily, it was all in good fun.

Bryan had the honor of asking Shelton the first question, which was whether he'd rather listen to "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)" or "Rain Is a Good Thing" on repeat for 24 hours straight.

"There’s no other choices?" Shelton asks before taking his time to decide. "I'm trying to think which one of them is country," he says with his dry humor, "Neither one of ‘em really. I’d say ‘Rain is a Good Thing’ because  … it doesn’t objectify women as badly as ‘Country Girl (Shake It for Me).’”

Then it was Shelton's turn to ask Bryan the same silly question, but his choices were "Ol' Red" or "Boys 'Round Here." Shelton made sure Bryan knew just who sang the songs before allowing him to answer.

"I sang both of those, so..." he says hilariously.

“But Ol’ Red? That was a song of yours?" Bryan asks adorably.

“Yes, it’s not gum." Shelton responds. "It’s not a soda. It’s a song.”

The last questions were the tough ones. Would Shelton rather spend 10 days without a shower or without a drink? Okay, maybe that's easy. Would Bryan rather go "Day Drinking" with Little Big Town or get "Drunk on a Plane" with Dierks Bentley?

When Bryan asks Shelton about showering or drinking, he stops himself, as he — and the rest of us — already know the answer. “We don’t even have to go there," he says. “Next question.”

“I would prefer to be around two girls and two guys versus one Dierks day drinking," Bryan says, answering the question of Bentley vs. LBT.

Watch the hysterical game of "Would You Rather?" above and prepare for lots of LOLs.

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