Luke Bryan is bypassing the bleak weather blues with the release of his 'Spring Break... Here to Party' EP, which will hit store shelves and digital retailers on March 5.

The 14-song collection will revisit his previous 'Spring Break' releases, pulling some of the fan-favorite tracks for one signature compilation. The new EP will also contain two newly-recorded tracks, both penned by Bryan.

“Any chance I have to continue to go to Spring Break, I’m always going to take that opportunity,” Bryan says of his annual releases. The singer has recorded a compilation like this one every year since 2009.

Bryan will hit the road to promote 'Spring Break... Here to Party' with concerts at Spinnaker’s Beach Club in Panama City on March 12 and 13. Last year, 40,000 fans attended the beachside concert each day to catch Bryan's performance of the nostalgic party tracks.

Following that stop, the 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye' singer will then resume his 2013 Dirt Road Diaries Tour, which kicked off earlier this month. The trek is Bryan's very first tour as a headlining act.

'Spring Break... Here to Party' Track Listing:

1. 'Suntan City'
2. 'Just a Sip'
3. 'Buzzkill'
4. 'If You Ain’t Here to Party'
5. 'Little Bit Later On'
6. 'In Love With the Girl'
7. 'Shore Thing'
8. 'Sorority Girl'
9. 'Shake the Sand'
10. 'Love In a College Town'
11. 'Wild Weekend'
12. 'Cold Beer Drinker'
13. 'Spring Break-Up'
14. 'Take My Drunk A** Home'