Maggie Rose's 'I Ain't Your Mama' doesn't break the country music dress code, but it comes close enough to be sure that everyone -- from buttoned-up stuffies to drooling hound dogs -- takes notice. It's a song that leaves one wanting to see what this singer does next.

Rose, who used to be known professionally as Margaret Durante, has suddenly transformed herself into an artist to keep a close eye on -- for better or worse. When the one-time Clemson University student did radio tours in 2009 and 2010, she wasn't nearly this interesting. Few will have trouble forming an opinion of her now, as 'I Ain't Your Mama' is the boundary-pushing song country music needs to embrace every year or two.

"I'm puttin' on pearls, I'm puttin' on pumps, got a little lace apron on me / Gonna make you stop, gonna make you wanna watch me do the laundry," she sings. "Gonna put some fun back in this ho-hum honey / Gonna be so hot you think it ought cost you money."

During the chorus, Rose showcases a big, commanding voice that will be overlooked in this PG-13 rated single. She fills up the speakers, driving her message home with passion and urgency.

"I'll be your laughter / I'll be your drama / I'll be your best friend / I'll be your lover / You can be my baby any time you wanna / But I ain't your mama."

Give Rose extra credit for not shying away from the sexy subject matter, and give her producer a bonus half star for keeping the song short and sweet. At a tidy 2:26, 'I Ain't Your Mama' is a perfect country quickie.

4 Stars

Listen to Maggie Rose, 'I Ain't Your Mama'

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