Despite her hit single, Miranda Lambert might not be the biggest fan of the 'Baggage Claim.' While at the airport yesterday, preparing to take flight to the West Coast, Lambert was asked to pass through one of the ever-controversial body scanners -- and, like many travelers, she refused. Her celebrity status couldn't save her from what came next: the pat-down from the TSA.

"Dear Airports. You suck," Lambert tweeted with a smiley face yesterday, which opened the floodgates for an onslaught of flying-related tweets, including the news that the singer was subject to a pat-down. "I refused it and got the pat down. Ew," she said in response to a fan who tweeted a comment to her about being seen naked in the body scanners.

But Lambert's airport Twitter party didn't stop there. Clearly, she was bored on the long flight to Los Angeles, and her flight must have had wi-fi -- the singer tweeted dozens of times on Monday, practically sharing the details of her entire adventure (not that we're complaining). We learned that a lucky guy named Mark was seated next to her, and that she kindly spoke to his daughter on the phone. "random dude asked me to talk to his daughter on the phone. Now he is kissing into the phone. Now talking sports. Um.... Headphones ASAP," Lambert joked.

She wasn't alone, though; Lambert was joined on the flight by her fellow Pistol Annie Angaleena Presley, as well as country superstars Martina McBride and Billy Ray Cyrus. "At least I'm on the plane with @martinamcbride. But she is sitting by @guitarleena and I'm next to a random dude. Not fair," she tweeted, adding soon after, "Also on our plane Billy Ray Cyrus. Watch out comes to town."

We have to wonder whether McBride and Cyrus put up a fight about the body scanner, too. Lambert is likely off to L.A. to promote her new album, 'Four the Record.' McBride is currently in town for her appearance on 'Dancing With the Stars' tonight, while Cyrus may just be on the lookout for UFOs.

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