RaeLynn is beginning to fill the niche left behind by Taylor Swift. Her new single “For a Boy” is young and innocent, but it’s a story even those not so young or innocent will embrace.

It’s difficult to target a younger audience without abandoning older country music fans and men. It takes a sharp pen to bring the latter to the radio. The Texas-raised singer proves her worth with this original, heartfelt love song.

For a boy, your heart is pretty see-through / For a boy, you sure let your guard down / When you know you want / Want what you see / And baby right now you're looking at me,” she sings to begin “For a Boy.” You won’t find the song on her recently released Me EP — you’ll have to wait for her full-length to drop.

RaeLynn is 20 years old, so she still very much lives in a “boys and girls” world. Of course she looks about 10 years younger, so it’s eye-opening to hear her navigate complex emotions with such grace. She’s a natural storyteller.

Go on get it out boy / Say I'm the only one that makes you this crazy / Come on, tell me how boy / How I'm the only thing you're thinking 'bout lately / But what you don't know, what you don't know / Is what a girl like me would do for a boy like you,” the former contestant on The Voice cries out during each chorus.

She’s come in from the edges some since releasing “Boyfriend,” but sonically she still holds one of the most unique voices in country music. There will forever be fans who don’t care for this firecracker, but it’s becoming clear she doesn’t worry about the haters. “For a Boy” oozes confidence.

Why Fans Will Love It: The cute love song is surprisingly original. Her quick assessment of this guy is touching and sincere.

Key Lyrics: "But what you don't know, what you don't know / Is what a girl like me would do for a boy like you."

Did You Know?: "For a Boy" cowriter Laura Veltz helped write Eli Young Band's chart-topping hit "Drunk Last Night."

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