'American Idol' contestant Scott McCreery of Garner, N.C. has a voice that belies his age. The clean-cut McCreery is just 16-years-old, but he sings like a seasoned veteran hardened by life's experiences!

For his audition, McCreery sang Josh Turner's 'Your Man,' and he was a vocal doppelganger for Turner himself.

McCreery told the 'Idol' judges that he has been "singing country music my whole life" and that he started singing at the age of 1, learning from a lullaby his mama taught him.

Judge Jennifer Lopez told McCreery, "You make me smile," while her equally enamored colleague Steven Tyler requested McCreery sing another song to demonstrate his range, so he opted to offer his take on Travis Tritt's 'Put Some Drive in Your Country.'

Everyone was bowled over, especially Randy Jackson, who exclaimed, "I love it!" and deemed McCreery a "throwback country guy singing low like that."

Josh Turner himself would be proud! Check out a clip of McCreery's audition below.