Scotty McCreery offered Access Hollywood a sneak peek of the video for 'I Love You This Big,' which is his debut music video. Funny, it feels like McCreery has been around forever but he only began his whirlwind 'American Idol' fairytale about six months ago. That said, the preview of the forthcoming video is blink-and-you-will-miss-it short, but it builds upon the already fevered excitement for the final clip.

McCreery was interviewed with the towering Los Angeles skyline in the backdrop, as that's where the video was filmed. He said that the vibe of the video is "chill," like "a summertime barbecue, kinda like a community thing on the Fourth of July." The clip shows McCreery performing on somewhat of a makeshift wooden stage at night, with hanging lights behind him. That small town summertime BBQ vibe he mentions? It's definitely implicit in this briefest of images.

McCreery talked about other popular topics, admitting he won't be back in his hometown of Garner, N.C. until October at least, and he credited his success and rising star to his maker, saying, "It's all a part of God's plan." He again addressed his newfound fame, which makes it hard for him to enjoy a Bic Mac and fries. He joked, "It's tough for me to go to McDonald's or Bojangles and not sign an autograph. But it's nice to go out and see the fans who have supported me my whole way through 'Idol.'"

When the interviewer referred to him as a "heartthrob" and addressed the 16-year-old's popularity with the ladies, he blushed, shaking his head and saying, "That's still weird for me to get used to because it wasn't like that before the show." He conceded that "Justin Bieber tops me. He's got that title."

Even with his reluctant heartthrob status, McCreery still maintains that he is living the single life -- but that he is open to a relationship "if the right girl comes my way." Could he be any more wholesome?

We hate to bring this up again, but hey, Access Hollywood started it, asking McCreery about his "friendship" with runner up Lauren Alaina. He insisted that the two are just friends, but his ear-to-ear, cat-that-ate-the-canary grin and body language kind of suggested otherwise.

We also want to mention that there is a subtle difference in McCreery's hair right now. It looks longer and brushed in a new way, and it suits him. We're looking forward to the final product that is the 'I Love You This Big' video.

Watch the Sneak Peek of the Scotty McCreery 'I Love You This Big' Video