It's a good day to be a Shania Twain fan. The singer -- dubbed Queen of Country-Pop and a Caesars Palace staple for years now -- has made some exciting progress in the touring and new music realm.

It's been a decade since Twain has hit the stage for a true concert, aside from her show on the Strip, and she's breaking that routine with two shows in Canada this week.

"I was pretty open to it, I have to say," Twain tells Calgary Herald. "I was excited about the idea of doing a concert environment show again -- it’s been a long time."

The Ontario-raised singer, whose commitment in Sin City runs out in July, admits that with this new venture back into the world of concerts, touring is heavy on her mind. She and her team are "looking at some dates already, probably in the spring."

“I think I’m going to do more," she adds. "I guess it’s just something I’m enjoying more now than I have in a long time. Vegas has been a really good transition for me to get back onstage again, and I guess I’m enjoying it ... So why not do more?”

In addition, Twain has not released a full-length album of new music since 2002. She confirmed a new record last summer, calling it "more personal than ever," and now tells fans that she's not just working on it, but it's been bumped up as her priority this year.

“It’s my priority this year and I will be in the studio as soon as I can get in, get my ducks in a row -- I’m working on it all the time right now," she elaborates. "I’ve been writing for it for a long time now, I’ve got lots of things so it’s really about putting the puzzle together now."

A tour and a new album? Twain is clearly ready to show country music once again that she's 'still the one.'

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