Adley Stump

5 Hot New Acts to See at Toc Fest 2016
What a difference a year can make. While so much of 2015's country music scene was dominated by a debate over women and their role in the genre, 2016 has been a much more inclusive year — and nowhere is that more apparent than in the lineup for the 2016 Taste of Country Music Festival.
Adley Stump's 'Like This' About More Than Just Music
Adley Stump may be the most right-brained artist in Nashville. Her deep, resonant Oklahoma voice belts out meat and potato stories of love and purpose as effortlessly as it does less sexy words like "deliverables," "reverse engineering" and "target market." You may find her on the cover of Billboard in 10 years, but there's an equal chance it's because she's an industry leader as an executive instead of a format leader as an artist.