Gretchen Wilson

Before They Were Famous: Gretchen Wilson
Before taking her talents to Nashville, Gretchen Wilson paid her dues in bars and clubs around rural Illinois. Mostly it was just one bar, a dive called Big O's. By age 15 she had dropped out of school to tend bar and cook for the rowdy customers. She worked her way up to manager pretty quickly…
Gretchen Wilson, ‘One Good Friend’ – Song Review
Gretchen Wilson may not be one of country music's top female vocalists any longer. No, she's transcended the genre, in a way Alison Krauss did hers years ago. Except Wilson's not getting any of the recognition, until maybe now. 'One Good Friend' is a brilliant ballad about the meaning of friendship.…
Gretchen Wilson Puts House Up for Sale
Gretchen Wilson's 360-acre farm in Wilson County Tennessee is for sale. The singer had shared the house with her daughter Grace, her uncle Vern Heuer and several other family members, but the sudden death of Heuer made the property too much of a sad memory to keep.
Gretchen Wilson Mourns After the Death of Her Uncle Vern
On Friday, Sept. 9, country singer Gretchen Wilson lost one of her most beloved family members -- her uncle, Vern Heuer. Heuer passed away at his home in Greenville, Ill. after suffering a massive heart attack. Heuer, who was only 44 years old, was engaged to be married this autumn.

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