Krysta Nick

3 Strangers Have 3 Hours to Write a Hit: The Making of Drive
When you’ve got a very short amount of time to write a great song, you pick an idea and run with it right? Krysta Nick, Amber DeLaCruz and Hailey Steele tried that, and then with less than 60 minutes remaining in their YouTube pop-up space, they decided to go a totally different direction.
Krysta Nick Is a Georgia Cover Girl [Pictures]
Krysta Nick's family is moving out of her hometown of Peachtree City, Ga. because, "We’re not very Peachtree City-like." There's a little rebel engrained into the 19-year-old's soul, and by her own admission, a little bit of redneck.
Krysta Nick Is an Old Soul With a Young Heart
Krysta Nick sings Chris Stapleton songs with as much passion and understanding as she does Justin Bieber hits. She calls James Taylor an influence, but admits she got emotional when she learned Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up. When asked if she is an optimist or pessimist, she says, "It…