Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are one of the cutest duos in music today. They have a seemingly real friendship, and that means Sheeran gets deets on Swift's new music before anyone else. He recently opened up about what fans can expect from the new music -- and what they shouldn't expect.

Sheeran got the privilege of joining the crossover artist for her Red Tour for six months, and we imagine he got to know a lot more about Swift while they were out together. Unfortunately, the two didn't get to do any new writing together, mainly because Swift had just released an album. In fact, Sheeran says we can expect a lot of just Swift on her upcoming album (and we bet fans won't complain!).

“I don’t think she’s teamed up with anyone; I think she did it all on her own," he tells MTV, adding, "It’s really good."

If that doesn't get Swift fans excited, we bet hearing that she's working on something different will. Sheeran says that fans shouldn't expect her new music to be a 'Red' part two -- she's growing and evolving into something different.

“She has to evolve," he explains. "If she makes another 'Red' everyone will be like, ‘It sounds like 'Red.'‘ But she’s evolved and I think it’s a positive step.”

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