Newcomer Tyler Farr turns one of the year's top catch phrases upside down with his new single 'Hot Mess.' That's not a descriptor one usually wants to associate with, but the girl Farr describes sounds like a keeper.

Everyone knows her. "Clothes scattered across the bedroom floor / Soaking wet towel hanging on the door / Looks like a hurricane just came through / Her makeup covers up / Every inch of the counter top / She's slappin' on a little bit of strawberry lip gloss / She's ready to rock," Farr sings during the first verse. She's a best friend, a sister, a girlfriend or (gulp) you.

Farr's smokey voice is unique, but not distracting. The song is one you'd love to hear played live. "She's my hot mess / In a sun dress / Got my heart beating out of my chest / Country girl come to town looking like a rock star / She's got hazel eyes and a wild side / Lightin' up the room with her smokey little smile / Burnin' up and down, turning them heads / She's my little hot mess."

Perhaps the generic production could be a point of criticism, but for a debut single it's best to keep it short and sweet. Farr's 'Hot Mess' won't go to radio until early 2012, but if all goes well it could be one a great song to turn up on next spring's first warm afternoon.

Listen to Tyler Farr, 'Hot Mess'