The ruggedly handsome Morgan men thought they left their troubled pasts in the dust. After a turbulent childhood, the brothers went their separate ways and embraced new lives. But one by one, they find themselves returning to the northern California ranch where it all began and embracing their cowboy roots. Together, they have a chance to leave the past behind and forge a new future based on brotherhood, hope, and love in bestselling author Kate Pearce's popular Morgan Ranch series.
Meet the Morgans!
Chase Morgan – The eldest and a successful CEO of a tech company. Stubborn, organized, and extremely loyal.
Blue Morgan – Middle child and Marine veteran. Brave and honest.
Ry Morgan – Twin to H.W. Former rodeo rider with a chip on his shoulder. Always in his twin’s shadow.
H.W. Morgan – Twin to Ry. Rodeo superstar. Bad Boy.
Rio Martinez – Close friend of H.W. Rodeo rider and son of a billionaire. Doing some honest work on the ranch for a change.
Rachel Ford Morgan – Youngest and long-lost sister to the Morgan boys. Brilliant engineer and starting to rediscover her roots.


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