Willie Nelson is country music's best friend to American sustainable farming, and once again he's offered his voice to raise money toward that cause. The country legend recently recorded 'The Scientist' by British rock band Coldplay for the soundtrack to a short movie called 'Back to the Start.'

The two-minute stop-motion animated film depicts the life of a farmer turning his family farm into an industrial farm before seeing the errors of his ways and changing course. He winds up walking the path that will lead to a more sustainable future. This is a cause that Nelson -- a co-founder of Farm Aid -- can certainly get behind.

Chipotle Mexican Grill commissioned both the movie and Nelson's performance of the song to emphasize the importance of developing sustainable food systems. All proceeds from both benefit the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, dedicated to creating a sustainable, healthful and equitable food future.

The lyrics to 'The Scientist' seem to indicate a song that will be used toward the end of the film: "Nobody said it was easy / It’s such a shame for us to part  / Nobody said it was easy  / No one ever said it would be this hard  / Aww take me back to the start." 'Back to the Start' will begin showing in theaters this September. Nelson's version of 'The Scientist' is available for sixty cents at iTunes.

Listen to Willie Nelson's Version of 'The Scientist'