Much like many of their biggest hits, Zac Brown Band's 'Jump Right In' succeeds in providing three minutes of relief from the rigors of life. It's a little musical vacation a la 'Knee Deep,' 'Toes' and, to a lesser extent, several of their other Top 5 singles. However, like sand beneath those first few shallow feet of surf, there's little to hold on to otherwise.

In a vacuum, there's not much to complain about with 'Jump Right In.' The band is -- as always -- as tight as any group you'll find, and the lyrics pour out like sweet tea in the heat of a Georgia August.

"You can jump right in / Let the music pull you in / You can jump right in / Oh and lose yourself again / As the southern wind sings again an island lullaby," Brown sings during each chorus. It's a feel-good song, but one that's maybe too familiar, especially to passive fans of the group who have only bought the occasional single or just enjoyed ZBB on the radio. They're relying on cliches they helped invent.

"You can find me where the music meets the ocean / If you get the notion / Stop on by and play a while / Simple tune to get your love light glowing / Keep your heart wide open / Disappear just like the tide / Let it roll on by," Brown adds during the song's bridge.

'Uncaged' stretches the country music genre as far as any commercially successful album in years. One hardly notices this on the songs that work. A few, like 'Jump Right In,' merely float around like a detached buoy, bobbing up and down to the rhythm of the waves.

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