Krystal Keith will admit she's a daddy's girl in many ways, but the 'Daddy Dance With Me' singer is far more accommodating when it comes to the silly, sometimes inappropriate questions that fans really want to know. Perhaps we were just too afraid to ask Toby Keith about destroying his daughter's rap CDs. Krystal filled us in on that, her worst grounding, her opinion of the Dixie Chicks prior to 2003 and much more in this round of 60 Seconds With. As with all artists, Keith had the option to simply say "pass" and we respect that, unfortunately.  Ready, set ...

60 Seconds With Krystal Keith:

Question 1: What surprises are on your iPod?

Kris Kross.

Question 2: What band or artist did you love that your dad hated when you were a kid?

[laughs] DMX. He stole my CD. I think he broke it.

Question 3: What is your favorite reality teleivision show?

'The Voice.'

Question 4: What was your worst grounding as a kid?

Oh, a month.

What did you do?

Pass. [laughs]

Question 5: What was your first non-music job?

Ummm, Journeys shoe store. I was a 16-year-old and needed a job. Just a local shoe store.

Question 6: A video on your Twitter page shows that you play a mean accordian, what other instruments do you play?

[laughs] I play zero accordian, and I play a tiny bit of guitar and a little piano, none of which I will play in front of people. I'm working on it. I'm not there yet.

Question 7: How did you meet your husband?

In a bar.

Nice. How did you tell your dad you met your husband?

In a bar, my dad was so proud.

Question 8: Prior to 2003, were you a fan of the Dixie Chicks?

[laughs] I was. A huge fan actually.

Did you have to destroy those CDs?

Ummm … pass? [laughs]