In his latest court hearing, John Rich's alleged stalker, Mark Christopher Sevier, was accused of "playing games" with the court by Assistant District Attorney Tammy Meade. A judge also warned the 36-year-old to clean up his communication with the court.

At a hearing on Wednesday (April 23), Meade detailed the games that Sevier was playing with the court, saying that although he had to provide 24 hours notice before leaving his home of Alabama, he decided to test their patience.

Sevier, who is facing two counts of aggravated stalking and one of criminal impersonation, reportedly emailed the court on a Friday at midnight to inform them he was moving to New York that very weekend, and gave only vague details later on saying he may be in Los Angeles or Washington, D.C.

“This is playing games with the court order, seeing how far he can push it,” Meade says (quote via The Tennessean).

Even though Meade wanted Sevier's bond revoked, Criminal Court Judge Mark Fishburn didn't do it. Instead, he told Sevier to give more details about his travels (including flight information and addresses), and ordered him to cease “snide remarks.”

A trial date was set for Oct. 6 after Sevier pleaded not guilty. Until the trial, Sevier cannot be in the same state as Rich. In a separate case, Sevier was also arrested for following a teenage girl in Nashville.