Year after year, thousands of people tune into 'American Idol' to see the latest talent, but it's also the awful auditions that keep fans coming back. While it's unlikely that 2012 will bring the next Scotty McCreery, one contestant came all the way from Africa to give it a shot with a lousy cover of Rascal Flatts' 'I Won't Let Go.'

Mawuena Kodjo gave it a shot, all right -- and was instantly shot down by the judges, who were floored by his all-over-the-place performance. True to form, Randy Jackson told the hopeful, “Dude. Dude it was really terrible," but that didn't deter his attempts to make it to Hollywood.

Armed with a camera crew of his own, Kodjo hit the pavement to prove to the people of Savannah, Ga. that he deserved to be there, which earned him a second chance in front of the judges. He pledged his dedication to country music, citing McCreery and the Flatts as his own idols, and promised that he'd be back even though he didn't make it through.

In Kodjo's words? "I'm gonna be the first African country superstar."

Watch Mawuena Kodjo Perform Rascal Flatts' 'I Won't Let Go'