Andy Gibson's debut single 'Wanna Make You Love Me' falls into a group of songs that don't get the airplay they deserve. With 'Summer Back' the singer again shows off his charming vocals in a way that's even more effective than his previous effort. He's easy to listen to, like an older brother or the only guy at the bar who isn't trying too hard to impress you.

Gibson's story of a bittersweet summer love is hardly original, but 'Summer Back' still stands apart from hits like Keith Urban's ''Til Summer Comes Around.' There's less pity and more optimism. Gibson is honest and sincere in his story-telling.

"You're mama didn't like the way that you loved me / She prayed it was a summer thing / You thought I was wild and I didn't say it at the time / But you were my first time for everything," he sings leading into a chorus that is really the spirit of the song:

"But there's nothing I'd change about those days / You're the sweetest thing about my past / There's a part of me that helped you find your dreams and you're happy wherever you're at / There's a part of me that wants that summer back."

Understated and confident are two words that describe this single, and maybe the singer. Gibson makes it look easy. He's never battling with the gentle guitar riff that powers this engine. He sort of puts an arm around you as the vivid imagery comes tumbling from his lips.

"We burned both ends of that beach town 'til they shut down the midway / We tried to hold on but that warm breeze was gone / Yeah fall changed everything."

Now that the singer is on Curb Records he'll stand a better shot of getting noticed more quickly, but he's not built to be a flash in the pan. 2012 may not be his year, but 'Summer Back' is a great building block for the future.

Listen to Andy Gibson, 'Summer Back'