Who knew that country artist Ashley Gearing is making music to work out to -- for a superstar NFL wide receiver, no less! Cincinnati Bengals wide out and former 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant Chad Ochocinco tweeted about listening to Gearing's lilting ballad 'Five More Minutes' while working out. While upbeat, fast and aggressive songs seem like more appropriate gym fare, maybe Ochocinco is on to something.

Ochocinco's tweet read as follows: "Was in the gym with Ashley Gearing's song entitled 5 More Minutes on repeat, awesome song. Something about country music is very compelling." Not only is Ochocinco into Gearing's song, but he also gave the country genre a ringing endorsement in 140 characters or less!

Gearing also benefited from the tweet, gaining 300 new followers within the first hour of it being posted. Ochocinco later tweeted another affirmation of his love for Gearing's music, writing, “I’m pretty sure it’s Ashley Gearing that’s making country music compelling … yep, I’m positive.” He also tweeted about listening to Disturbed, too, so it was a musical day for Ochocinco.

Who knows -- maybe one day Ashley Gearing will be able to sing the National Anthem at a Bengals game.