Ashley Gearing's new song, 'Me, My Heart and I,' leaves her lost in a crashing sea of young, poppy, female country artists. It's not a bad song. In fact, few will object to hearing it on their radio. There's just nothing that differentiates this song from ones other young, female pop-country artists have tried -- and mostly failed -- to land on radio.

This is why it's so difficult to "make it" in Nashville. You're expected to immediately have a clear, recognizable sound. Gearing has a terrific voice and sings with a first-person passion and enthusiasm on 'Me, My Heart and I.' But if songs about a vague sense of freedom and youthful independence were grains of sand, Nashville would rival Malibu for best beach getaway.

"I wanna run, run, run / Runaway baby / Get a little bit wild, a little bit crazy / On my own / Right or wrong / I'm gonna fly, fly, fly free down the highway / Make some mistakes, gonna make them my way / Going for a ride / Just me, my heart and I." This chorus is catchy, and follows a first verse that everyone older than 14 can relate to.

"Sorry baby, gotta let you go / This small town moves just a little too slow / I got dreams to dream, things to see the gypsy girl inside of me / Just needs to be / Free / It's not you it's / Me." Great songs capture these emotions but make magic with specificity. Gearing is a talented singer, and would be wise to choose songs that go deeper than a seashell.

Listen to Ashley Gearing, 'Me, My Heart and I'