Singer Austin Webb is letting fans get to know him up close and personal with his ‘Follow’ mini-series. In this second episode, the singer stops at a pizza joint, acts goofy on his bus and gets close with those who love him most -- his fans.

When you're out on the road, fast food can come through in a clutch. While on tour, Webb found himself at a little pizzeria -- where he opens the episode -- claiming, "I feel like we're  in a Quentin Tarantino movie right now." No, there wasn't any Tarantino-style violence, but there was the bottom of a tour bus.

"When you're a big-time famous country singin' rock star like myself, you get your all-access passes with your name on 'em," Webb jokes goofily. "You get your amps, you have your cool loaded equipment with spray painted name on the side of it."

It's a glamorous life.

When he's not singing, though, Webb admits that he enjoys sipping on some red wine and drawing funny pictures. He's a big fan of drawing random animals doing random human things. This week, he gives us a taste of one of his drawings -- but you'll have to see it to believe it.

Webb not only goofs around by himself, but also with his fans. He took time from his busy schedule to chat with his fans, sign a few autographs, take a few selfies and pass out some cool cups. "So, the deal with these cups is you drink out of one end a beer," he says, demonstrating how they work, "flip it over and pour a shot in it, and drink that too."

Webb’s ‘Follow’ mini-series takes fans behind the scenes with the singer. Look for the show to air on AXS-TV every Sunday at 11:30AM ET.

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