As promised, Billy Currington took the city of New Orleans by storm to shoot the video for his new song 'Love Done Gone.' The singer spent five days filming in the 'Big Easy,' and the colorful characters and iconic buildings the city are known for playing as much of a roll as Currington himself.

“I always picture New Orleans for this song," Currington told Taste of Country. "The label was ready to make a video, and I sent [my suggestions] through, and they felt the same way."

Currington is having as much fun as he's ever had in the music video, just released this week. At times he's a bit dorky, for a moment he's a little pensive, but mostly he's just playful through the song. If breaking up with a girl was always this much fun it'd be a lot more popular.

Currington is currently on tour with Kenny Chesney, with stops this weekend in Washington and Oregon. If he had it his way, the next video would be filmed overseas. As he previously said, “I want to go to Spain and shoot a video. Something real different. After doing ['Party for Two', shot in London], I was like, ‘That’s a cool way to go!’ It’s probably really expensive to do that, but one day when the time’s right, I want to do something way out there … way over there!”

The song 'Love Done Gone' is inside the Top 20 on the Billboard country charts, and can be found on his 'Enjoy Yourself' album.

Watch the Billy Currington 'Love Done Gone' Video