Little Big Town's song "Girl Crush" — and the controversy surrounding it — have been a hot topic recently, and other country stars are stepping up to the show their support for the song. The latest? Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.

The country couple shared this cute smooch selfie on Instagram, specifically Lambert's account, showing them both donning LBT hats that read "Girl Crush." Declares Lambert in the caption, "We love @littlebigtown #girlcrush."

Lambert's back is to the camera, but that doesn't hide the fact that she's planting a big ole kiss on her hubby. Since Shelton is so much taller than his wife, his eyes are visible above her head, and he's looking right into the camera. Lambert's trucker hat is flipped backwards so the "LBT" is most visible, while "Girl Crush" is front and center on Shelton's head.

The controversy comes as a result of a misinterpretation of the song. Some radio listeners have complained the song supports a "gay agenda," since the lead in the storyline is a woman singing about a woman. However, her "girl crush" is meant to mean she wants to be like the other woman and have everything she has — including the man.

Lambert and Shelton aren't the two only who are supporting the group and the song — Reba McEntire also recently posted a photo showing her support for "Girl Crush."

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