Blake Shelton tweets under the influence every now and then, but that doesn't mean he's an alcoholic -- despite what the tabloids are reporting. Shelton stepped up to dispel the latest rumor, which is that his best gal Miranda Lambert sent him to rehab.

Of course, Shelton can't just crush a rumor. He likes to use his killer sense of humor to put a hilarious spin on, well, everything.

"Latest tabloid says Miranda sent me to rehab... Incorrect," Shelton wrote on Twitter, clarifying hilariously, "She sent me to the liquor store!!!"

Naturally, the singers fans came to his defense, responding to his tweet with messages of support, some even encouraging his drinking habit.

Shelton has every reason to feel frustrated with the tabloids. Just this year, he and Lambert have had to fight baby rumors, as well as gossip that they are splitting up. The latest juicy tidbit -- and perhaps the strangest -- was that Shelton's drinking led him to experience a serious heart scare.

The 'Boys 'Round Here' hitmaker followed his tweet about rehab with a jab at the folks who keep writing false information about him. "It's gotta suck for tabloids that I personally have more followers on twitter than they have buyers... Ha! Ha!" he joked.

In reality, Shelton is probably too busy to get drunk too often. The country superstar will be traveling from city to city for his Ten Times Crazier Tour until early October, and in about a month, the Season 5 of 'The Voice' will be back on television.