You have to give Bomshel credit. It takes real courage to attempt a fusion of dance and country music. What would that genre be called anyway? "Duntry"? "Electro-twang"? The duo has done it once before on the club hit 'Bomshel Stomp.' Kristy Osmunson and Kelley Shepard succeed on the same level with their new song 'HalleluY'all.'

The title is a bit of an eye-roller, and the first lyrics don't offer much to inspire hope that things will get  better: "I don't know about you y'all / But I'm ready for a good time / I don't know about you y'all but it's been such a long, long time." Mixing drum machines and "y'alls" is a prickly potion to get just right, and they still have some alchemy to learn.

The chorus doesn't offer a much deeper lyric, but by the time one gets there it's clear that's not what this song is going for. It doesn't really matter what these women say. It's the big, loud, thumping beat that's taking over. There are acoustic versions of the song available online which in comparison to the single feel like cafeteria meatloaf. The song goes on: "HalleluY'all / Let's cut loose y'all / Tonight we're going throw down, blow it out, live it up, get down / Kick it with the party crowd / Let me hear you shout halleluy'all."

The second verse adds a little depth to the story, but doesn't quite save it from sounding like a Mountain Dew commercial. "I don't know about you y'all / But I'm way too stressed / And I may need to turn off my brain and just kick back / I wanna hit the next level / Yeah I'm ready to rock / Crank up the bass and the treble / Keep it going keep it going keep it going don't stop."

'HalleluY'all' is catchy and on a perfect summer day, few could resist rolling down the window and shouting along with the lyrics. It's those other 360 days that prove to be the group's nemesis.

Listen to Bomshel, 'HalleluY'all'