The third of three commercials for the 2011 CMA Awards features those adorable but troublesome children from ABC's hit show 'The Middle.' The spot uses the same formula as the first two ads starring the Osmonds and Miss Piggy. This time, actor Atticus Shaffer slings eye darts at the famous country friends.

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are seen dressed up to host the 2011 CMA Awards, but frustrated they have to audition. The Heck children (Brick and Sue) fall out of the audition room laughing and high fiving. "We nailed it," Brick Heck says before whispering "nailed it" in his trademark fashion. He locks eyes with Paisley, and the country singer gives him a sort of eye whipping.

The 2011 CMA Awards are on ABC on Nov. 9. Paisley and Underwood will end up co-hosting the show, although it's clear the network is going to take the opportunity to cross-promote a few of its other shows. In addition to their hosting duties, the pair will also perform their recent chart-topping hit 'Remind Me.'

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