The soundtrack for 'Cars 2' isn't nearly as star-studded as the original was five years ago. Aside from composer Michael Giacchino's 20 contributions, Brad Paisley is the only repeated artist. On 'Collision of Worlds' he teams up with British pop singer Robbie Williams. The pairing isn't magical, but the song is clever, catchy and a great culture lesson for lads both British and American.

Williams and Paisley trade lyrics at a Lightning McQueen pace. The best way to tell who's who is to listen closely, as each shares the quirks of his homeland. "At the first sign of morning light ol' glory's in the sky / Across the pond it's afternoon and the Union Jack flies high," the pair sing to begin the first verse. Later in the song it's a little trickier to sing along.

"Abbey Road / Route 66, CIA / To the MI-6 / Right lane / Left lane, metric / Imperial / Pounds / Dollars / Howdy / Cheerio / That V8 growl / To a V12 scream / Hail to the chief / God save the queen / Cops / Bobbies / Tabasco / Wasabi / Pistachio ice cream."

The "pistachio ice cream" lyric (sang by Larry the Cable Guy's 'Tow Mater') is the line kids will scream as they catch up. It's sort of like the song's "Leonard Bern-stein" moment. The chorus is too corny for country radio, but perfect for a kid's movie. No new ground is being discovered as the dark-haired duo sing about how we all have our differences, but also our similarities.

"In this collision of worlds / Watching a new day dawn on a distance shore / In this collision of worlds / Aw, you can't sit this out no more," they sing. Kudos to Paisley and Williams for approaching this song as a soundtrack cut and nothing more. Neither try to show off or one-up the other, but it doesn't feel like they're just collecting paychecks either.

Listen to Brad Paisley and Robbie Williams, 'Collision of Worlds'