Brad Paisley defends and celebrates the culture of his friends and peers with 'This is Country Music,' the first single from his upcoming studio album.

The surprisingly traditional sounding song, featuring an extended guitar solo and heavy doses of fiddle, finds Paisley claiming it "isn't hip" to sing about tractors, flags and brews anymore. (Uh, checked the charts lately, there, Brad?)

Regardless, Paisley promises to stay true to his values and his music, making his point as clear as can be on the rousing chorus:

"So turn it on / Turn it up / And sing along / This is real / This is your life / In a song / Yeah this is country music."

Even though Paisley released his first-ever greatest hits collection, 'Hits Alive,' mere weeks ago, he's clearly already looking to the future by also putting out this song from his next, and as yet untitled and unscheduled, 2011 album.

Then again, he's also looking back, because as this song fades out, he throws in snatches of classic country songs such as 'God Bless the USA' and 'Stand By Your Man.' So maybe it's just his past he doesn't want to glorify, and that's a pretty respectable trait from an artist who could easily rest on his laurels.   Which is one more reason for Brad's fans to be excited about hearing more from his next album.

Listen to Brad Paisley, 'This Is Country Music'