The jokes didn't stop for Brad Paisley following the CMA Awards. Ever wondered what appliance the 'Perfect Storm' singer is afraid of? Or his wifi password? The singer gave answers to three totally ridiculous questions during a sit down with Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel recently visited Nashville to meet up with the country star, and in the clip, the two are seen in a bar, with Kimmel serving up drink. Fans learn about Paisley's affection toward imaginary rabbits, that he's not so fond of his washing machine and why he doesn't have a wifi password. (Can you believe that?)

"If you could have one wish, what would you name it?" Kimmel starts.

"Harvey," Paisley answers without pausing, while Kimmel references the imaginary rabbit of the same name. "I really want an imaginary rabbit."

Kimmel proceeds to grant his wish but, unfortunately, Paisley doesn't want a grey rabbit. Somehow, the pair manage to get through the silly back and forth without laughing at all -- barely even cracking a smile.

It gets funnier when Paisley  admits he's a little scared of his washing machine, and he'd be really afraid if it came to life.

"I mean, they sorta already wanna walk," the country singer and CMA Awards co-host explains. "They're trying to leave. They're the one thing you buy that's trying to leave the minute you turn it on."

When Kimmel asks Paisley to reveal his wifi password, he admits his family doesn't have one since they live on a farm. "What if one of the goats wants to see your pictures or something?" Kimmel asks, to which Paisley admits that he'd be okay with. Apparently, he's pretty close with his goats. Insert farmer joke here.

Watch the whole hilarious segment above! Then, check out Paisley's hysterical monologue with Carrie Underwood from the 2014 CMAs.

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