Carrie Underwood has supposedly been so moved by her involvement with orphanages and various children's charities over the years that it has jump-started her maternal clock.

The National Enquirer is reporting the rumor that Underwood, 28, wants to adopt and has already discussed the option with her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher.

While Underwood and Fisher endured a long-distance relationship for a good chunk of the first year of their marriage due to him residing in Canada and her living in Nashville for work, the gap closed when Fisher was shipped from the Ottawa Senators off to the Nashville Predators in a serendipitous, not to mention convenient, twist of fate.

A source told the supermarket tab that Underwood's work as part of the 'Idol Gives Back' philanthropy, which has sent her to Africa to visit orphanages, hospices and health care centers, helped to kick start her desire to mother and to nurture. The source said, "Doing humanitarian work really opened Carrie’s eyes to the number of orphaned children around the world who are just waiting for a loving home."

Underwood reportedly "fell in love" with every child she came in contact with, many of whom she met before she was married to Fisher. She allegedly made a promise to adopt a child once she hit the big time. Well, hit the big time she has! Her massive success has hampered her time to actually get pregnant and give birth to her own child, so adoption is a viable choice and a terrific alternative to having a biological child.

The source, allegedly a close friend of the singer, said that the singer even compared herself and Fisher, 31, to Brangelina! "If adopting is good enough for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, it will be good enough for Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher," she reportedly said.