Search "Carrie Underwood" on eBay and you'll stumble across dozens of CDs, a hundred photos, a few T-shirts and one very, very expensive dress. Of course none of these items are being sold by Underwood or her team. The anonymous seller is hoping to get $6,000 for the article from the singer's stage show. It comes with a letter of authenticity from Arista Nashville (Underwood's record label) and the singer's signature on the ruffly inside. There's speculation that the dress had exchanged hands numerous times since the 'Before He Cheats' singer took it off several years ago.

So what does one do with a $6,000 dress? Most men would argue that you'd better get married in it, although a few will faint at the thought of even paying that much for a wedding dress. It's unlikely an eventual buyer will be choosing between this sleeveless number or, say ... a car. Hopefully this purchase comes from the disposable income envelope.

One figures the dress will remain on a display mannequin, however the one pictured does not appear to be included in the price. Only a few women are fortunate enough to be able to squeeze into the same size dress as the petite blonde singer. Perhaps Underwood's hubby Mike Fisher can front the cash and buy it back for her. Hey, she obviously likes it, and he won't have to worry about it fitting.