Carrie Underwood wants to make some holiday traditions for her kids -- even if they can't always have a traditional celebration.

Underwood and her husband, Nashville Predators player Mike Fisher, often find it difficult to celebrate holidays together, but now that they have a son on the way, the 'Something in the Water' singer says that needs to change.

“That’s something that has definitely been on both of our minds,” she tells CMT. “We are just crazy. Our lives are weird, you know? They’re awesome, and we’re so blessed, but we’re coming and going and all that stuff, so we’re definitely going to have to reevaluate everything and just make time, make room and make that a priority.”

That might be easier said than done, given the unusual nature of both of their jobs.

“Right now, my schedule and my husband’s hockey schedule kind of dictate our holidays,” Underwood shares. “I told him recently, ‘You know, I’m really tired of skipping holidays. So from this moment on, I think it’s just so important no matter where we are or what we’re doing, we have to make it special.’

“And, I think that’s going to be our tradition, and I hope that my kids later in life are going to be like, ‘Mom always tried to make that special even if we were crazy someplace or dad was off playing hockey or something like that," she adds. "She made it special.’”

Underwood is expecting her first child in the early part of 2015.

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