Carrie Underwood can sing, she can play guitar, she can rock Daisy Dukes with the best of ‘em — but can she kick?

The artist tried her hand — or, foot, rather — at a game on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Sept. 10 called “Facekickers,” in which Fallon and guest Andy Samberg attempted to kick a football at glass renderings of each other’s faces. But when Fallon “pulled a hammy,” he had to call for backup. Then it was Underwood’s time to shine.

Underwood looked like a pro as she lined up the kick, taking measured steps like she knew exactly what to do. It all may have just been an intimidation technique, though, as she didn’t quite make the impact she wanted. The ball didn’t make it very far off the ground.

“Darn it!” Underwood exclaimed before setting up a second time, complete with the pre-kick ritual from before.

Unfortunately, the second time wasn’t much better. Underwood decided to grab the football and throw it instead in the hopes of a better performance. She ran up to the target and threw with all her might, but the ball just wouldn’t cooperate, and the glass remained intact.

Fallon teased Underwood for her poor showing, but thanked her for participating anyway. Maybe the “Smoke Break” singer should stick to her day job.

Thankfully, she’s crushing it in music as per usual, making waves with her latest single, the lead-off track from her upcoming album Storyteller. She’s also preparing to host the CMA Awards with buddy Brad Paisley this fall. Storyteller is set to release Oct. 23.

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