Carrie Underwood makes her big screen acting debut in 'Soul Surfer,' which debuted in theaters on Friday (April 8). The film came in fourth place for the weekend, bringing in $11.1 million and beating out 'Your Highness,' starring Natalie Portman. 'Soul Surfer' got the highest per-theater average of any new wide release.

"I’m happy with myself for the role and for the movie," Underwood says. "Am I going to win an Oscar? No. [But] it was so much fun, and the important thing is getting the story out there."

According to marketing group CinemaScore, audiences gave the film -- which is the inspirational story of then 13-year-old surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm to a tiger shark while training for a national surfing competition -- a hearty A+ rating. Underwood has a small but pivotal role in the film.

When producers asked her be in the movie over a year ago, Underwood knew after reading the script that she had to do it, even though her schedule was very busy at the time. When asked if there is more acting in her future, the country star says, "I'm not saying anything either way. I'm very busy with music and that's what I love, that's what I know. But you know, this was special, so if something else really special came along, I'm not going to say never."

Underwood's next musical contribution will be a duet on Brad Paisley's upcoming album 'This is Country Music,' out on May 24.