Casey James only dabbled in country music while on then ninth season of 'American Idol' in 2010. He played a Keith Urban song, and a Shania Twain song during Shania Twain week, but was clearly more influenced by rock and blues. His time on the show was bookended by John Mayer songs, appropriate because of all the artists he covered on the show, it's Mayer that his debut song 'Let's Don't Call It a Night' most closely mimics.

The slow and sexy sheet-burner is a little clumsier than anything the always-polished Mayer would record. From the first lyric, one can't deny the lure of this song's sultry stylings, but the words are a little ... vapid. "Love the way you look in that dress / Umm … you've got me thinking thoughts in my head."

If James were actually singing this song to seduce some lucky woman, she'd likely grab a handful of his gorgeous hair, look deep into his blue eyes and whisper, "Shhh ... don't talk.' But the song goes on, allowing the Texas-born singer to redeem himself some during the chorus.

"Let's don't call it a night / Love the way you're holding me tight / When you're next to me / There's no place I'd rather be / Everything is feeling so right / Oh baby let's don't call it a night."

James actually sounds more like Jonny Lang than John Mayer, but both men play a guitar similar to the one James uses as a tool for his seduction. The mood is right, so perhaps -- using the same philosophy men take to Valentine's Day cards -- it's not important what he's saying, but how he says it.

Listen to Casey James, 'Let's Don't Call it a Night'