On last night's (Dec. 3) performance episode of 'The Voice,' pop rocker Cassadee Pope tackled the Rascal Flatts' track 'Stand' as her first song. Each contestant delivered two songs: one of their own choosing and their coach's choice. Can you guess who picked this tune? Regardless of who picked it, Pope gave the song a pop rock makeover, turning it into a Cassadee Pope song.

With white and blue extensions woven into her reddish hair and while sporting a skintight pair of metallic leggings, Pope looked like a punk rocker as she performed amidst the crowd, which was waving glowsticks. That was a different touch, and it certainly was not a country version of the song, but it was on the money because she sang with such passion and conviction.

Pope earned a standing ovation from the coaches, who agreed that her chops are spot on and that she is executing her notes perfectly.

Pope connected with the audience, and not just because she performed in such close proximity to them. Her delivery of the lyrics felt as though she wrote them, and it bonded her to the listener. That's mission critical at this point in the competition, since, you know, there's a recording contract at stake.

The other coaches praised her up and down the pike, but her coach Blake Shelton revealed that the song was his pitch and was the song he wanted her to do. "She made it her own and it was amazing," Shelton said.

That's true. Pope turned a country song into a pop rock anthem, so she essentially Cassadee Pope-d it.

It was another strong showing from the singer. We don't think she's going home.