Season 3 winner of 'The Voice' Cassadee Pope is now a seasoned veteran of the intensely competitive singing show, but she can't quite get used to the fact that her material may be covered -- and admits that she's worried. 

Although Pope performed several country music hits while on the show, including Keith Urban's 'Stupid Boy,' she tells Clay Moden of WYRK that it's a bit of a strange feeling to know that her song could be covered by someone else on the show.

"I have not had a second to watch it. But I hear it's amazing," says Pope of the show.

"I hear somebody's covering 'Wasting All These Tears' this week ... I'm worried they're going to do it better," she admits. "That's what I'm worried about. There are some really good singers, I hear."

While Pope may be a bit worried about being outsung, the rising star doesn't need to get too worked up about it -- she has plenty of other things to think about, including the 2013 CMA Awards, which commemorate her first CMA week ever. And she's the one who's going to the awards, not another contestant from 'The Voice.'

The young singer is really looking forward to the biggest night in country music, and along with watching lots of fun performances, Pope is going to be a little daring with her wardrobe -- well, daring in terms of possible tripping. "I'm going to go and style and wear a long dress and be glamorous and try to fit in with all the stars that are going to be there. I've never done a long dress on the red carpet, so it's kind of scary," Pope admits.

Pope will be one of the presenters at the awards, so hopefully she'll get some practice in before she needs to walk across stage!