The dollars and cents have all been counted, and Charlie Daniels raised over $300,000 dollars at his 40th Anniversary Volunteer Jam, held in Nashville on Aug. 12.

The event benefited the Journey Home Project, a cause that supports U.S. veterans, military members and their families. A portion of the proceeds also went to the Predators Foundation, devoted to “funneling the excitement of professional sports towards the needs of this community.”

"Before we all continue on with our hectic lives, it's important to stop and reflect on the fact that freedom is not free. We are so grateful to Charlie Daniels, his team, all of the phenomenal artists who donated their time and talent, and fans who came out to support the Journey Home Project," says Mercedez Longever, managing director of the project.

Daniels is responsible for all of the funds raised. For the 40th year he brought together his friends and his fans to put on a phenomenal show that not only brings joy to an audience, but funds to an organization that needs it.

“It was good to see an old Tennessee tradition come back to life, all for this great cause,” Daniels says.

The event brought together some of music's finest, including Ted NugentTrace AdkinsAlabamaColt FordLee Greenwood, the Oak Ridge BoysWynonna JuddCraig MorganTravis Tritt and Montgomery Gentry. But there were many more than that who came out to lend a hand. Surprise guests Blackberry SmokeEric ChurchLynyrd Skynyrd and Jamey Johnson all graced the stage during the evening, which earned so much money for some of the most deserving people among us.

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