Listen to any of Chris Young's songs to hear one of the finest voices in country music, but as the years pass, he's proving to have an equally fine list of hits to sing when he plays clubs, bars, theaters and arenas. Even songs like his debut single 'Drinkin' Me Lonely' -- which was not nearly the hit his later cuts would be -- stack up well against anything on country radio today. Fans appreciate the singer's dedication to traditional country music as much as his deep growl.

The Top 10 Chris Young Songs list was comprised by considering chart and sales data, as well as reader and staff opinion.

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    From 'The Man I Want to Be' (2009)

    'Voices' was so nice, they released it twice. The song reached No. 1 in 2010 after floundering in 2008. Radio programmers didn't seem to get it the first time around, but Young's fans always appreciated this story of family trust and support. Chris Tompkins and Craig Wiseman helped Young write this mid-tempo cut. It'd eventually go Gold for 500,000 singles sold.

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    'The Man I Want to Be'

    From 'The Man I Want to Be' (2009)

    The follow-up to 'Gettin' You Home' was another love song, but not a romancer. 'The Man I Want to Be' found Young reflecting on how he can improve his character to live up the man his woman deserves. It was his second straight No. 1 single, and his second straight to go Gold.

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    From 'A.M.'

    Vocally, Young pushes himself as far as he's ever gone on this ballad from 'A.M.' It's a heartbreaking story about a man who is about to get dumped. Young spends a lot of time working his higher register, at times almost begging his girl not leave him. The performance fits the story -- a fine one written by Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley and Young.

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    'Drinkin' Me Lonely'

    From 'Chris Young' (2006)

    Young struggled to gain a foothold on country radio after winning 'Nashville Star,' but the reason he kept getting more and more chances was because he was just too dang talented of a vocalist to dump. His debut single is absolutely timeless. 'Drinkin' Me Lonely' is an unforgiving traditional country weeper -- the sort of song purists wish artists today would record a few more of.

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    'Aw Naw'

    From 'A.M.' (2013)

    This may be Young's catchiest hit to date. 'Aw Naw,' the lead single from the 'A.M.' album, is louder and more rebellious than anything fans had heard before the album's release in September 2013. DeStefano, Gorley and Young find some very clever rhymes to keep the momentum going. It's relentless in the very best of ways.

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    From 'Neon' (2011)

    "Girl, you rock me harder than some downtown band," Young sings during the chorus of this No. 1 hit from 2011. The story and melody are infectious, and the singer works the scale like he's planning to marry it. It's a great song that never gets old.

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    From 'Neon' (2011)

    The lead single from Young's 'Neon' album found him back in the bedroom, but it showed a new side to the singer's personality. 'Tomorrow' is a song about wanting to leave a girl you know is bad for you. "But tonight I'm gonna give it one last time / Rock you strong in these arms of mine / Forget all the regrets that are bound to follow," he sings. The chart-topper went Platinum -- Young's first to do so.

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    'Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song)'

    From 'The Man I Want to Be' (2009)

    The best of the Chris Young songs is also his most important song, as without 'Gettin' You Home,' the singer may not have gotten another chance to record on a major label. This undeniable sheet-burner is among the best country love songs of all time. It's a go-to for a romantic night in and the perfect introduction for all that the singer is capable of. Beyond that, it's just a great lyric.