Despite enjoying a brief acting stint on ABC's hit country music drama Nashville, powerhouse singer Christina Aguilera says she isn't planning to switch musical genres anytime soon.

“I think my roots will stay where they are, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more collaborations down the line," she tells People. “There are really no nicer people than in country. [Nashville] couldn’t have been more welcoming and great to work with. On my last day of shooting, they even gave me a cake. It was such a great experience for my family.”

Aguilera's arc on the show kicked off on April 15, and she had a blast with it. She plays pop star Jade St. John, a feisty, pink-haired songstress who wants to try her hand at country music. Aguilera is an old pro in the acting world. She acted in The Mickey Mouse Club as a youngster and later landed a role in the film Burlesque.

“My experiences in acting have been really great, so if the role is right I am always open to it,” Aguilera adds. But that doesn't mean she's planning to quit her day job!

"My true love will always stay music," she assures.

While the pop star isn't planning to record a country album, she has enjoyed collaborating with other country stars. She recently performed two songs with Rascal Flatts at the Academy of Country Music Awards, and she hopes to collaborate with other stars in the future. Aguilera also serves as a judge on NBC's singing competition The Voice alongside country crooner Blake Shelton, so she's definitely found friends in the genre.

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