Craig Campbell's 'Keep Them Kisses Comin'' is his version of a steamy love song, but the good-natured Georgia boy's style isn't to lay it on thick for very long. The mood is cut with some playful asides and uptempo, country-rock production. The result is a song that stops short of melting glass.

There’s always room for another laying-around-doing-nothing-but-loving-on-you country song, as long as it’s effective. Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip penned a catchy lyric that's familiar, but appreciated.

I can’t imagine doin’ nothin but what I’m doin / Just layin’ round tangled up with you / We got our buzz on sippin’ on a little something / I need your lovin’ / Just keep them kisses comin’,” Campbell sings during the chorus.

Credit Campbell for not trying to sing the pants off this song by slowing it down or lingering for too long on the notes set up to brush the nerves at the small of a lover's back. He's not a natural crooner, but he's able to interpret the song in a unique way.

Why Fans Will Love It: It's spicy, but the uptempo production keeps it fun. Campbell's personality comes through the recording of his vocals.

Key Lyrics: “It’s been a long week / I’ve been missin’ me some you / All I wanna do is get your lips on mine / Girl if you only knew

Did You Know?: Campbell is yet another product of the Luke Bryan family of singer-songwriters. The two were friends before Campbell released his debut single, 'Family Man.' In fact it was Bryan who told him to start writing. That led to good things, including an introduction to his wife, songwriter Mindy Ellis.

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