Tootsie's Orchid Lounge in Nashville sees its share of talent on its stages. Night after night, local and vacationers take their turn covering country stars' top hits, but most of them aren't as young as this sweet girl, Marisa Kay Galdino, who frequents honky tonks and venues, according to her YouTube page. She makes herself known for good reason: she has a set of pipes and she's not afraid to use them, as demonstrated by her cover of Sugarland's 'Baby Girl.'

This video is from 2012, when Galdino was a mere 8 years old. Although she looks quite young -- especially compared to her backing band -- her voice sounds nothing like a grade school kid. She belts out the country hit with a decidedly country twang and vocals that grab your attention. Even if you're gabbing with your BFF at the bar, we guarantee you'll stop mid-drink, look at the stage and watch Galdino sing.