While on the phone with Taste of Country, David Nail starts off the conversation with a candid comment about preparing for what's to come in the next couple weeks: "I just left the gym. I’m trying to get skinny for the Grammys." The 31-year-old Missouri native, now based in Nashville, released his debut record, ‘I’m About to Come Alive,' in 2009. His second single from that set, ‘Turning Home’ (written by Kenny Chesney), has got Nail vying for a Best Male Vocal Country Performance award at the upcoming Grammy Awards on Feb. 13.

"It’s been the most amazing couple months," Nail tells Taste of Country. "I think we found out [about the nomination] in late November, and it was the best early Christmas present I’ve ever gotten. I really don’t know the best way to explain it, but I’m a huge sports fan and I always tell people this is the equivalent of a brand-new franchise and the beginning of getting to the Super Bowl."

"A really good friend of mine said, ‘Every time they say your name they have to say “Grammy-nominated”’ -- and it really hit me there," he continues. "When I moved here to Nashville 11 years ago I’m sure I had a subconscious list of stuff and I’m sure a Grammy was on there. But there’s so many other things I needed to accomplish before that came into play. Obviously, I’m extremely honored and humbled by this."

Nail started working on material for his second studio effort last year and continued during the fall while on tour with Lady Antebellum. Breaking down the process of putting his sophomore record together and providing some insight on what’s to come, he reveals, "We do not have a title. We’re done with half of it. We went in and cut the first five songs. We actually had some dates last August and I guess people around me didn’t think the material was quite ready ... I never try to let myself get into the whole, ‘Can this be on radio?’ I feel like all five [songs] that we cut are both commercial and still just great in every facet. I would hope that the album comes out in the summertime."

"One of the things that I get really into is naming the record. I’m not a fan of self-titled records so it definitely won't be 'David Nail,' that's for sure," Nail adds.

With just a couple weeks away until the big day, Nail will undoubtedly gain more attention with his powerful current single, 'Let It Rain' -- a mid-tempo ballad that features some heart-wrenching, rockin’ vocals from Kansas artist Sarah Buxton -- and there will be additional momentum on the radio whether he takes home his first Grammy for 'Turning Home' or not.

"I come from a small town in southeast Missouri, so it speaks true to where I grew up ... I think a song like that helps people think back to where they grew up and a lot of the firsts they had in their life, and to look back on it with joy," Nail says of the Grammy-nominated 'Turning Home.' "That’s what I love about the song: It’s a happy song. It’s talking about all these things in such a beautiful life. It’s all sweet.”