Dierks Bentley tries to rally his lame friends into party mode on his new song 'Am I the Only One.' It's the first single from his upcoming sixth studio album, and putting it out on a Monday is a really mean way to remind us all that the weekend couldn't possibly be further away.

But the song's a good time whatever day you're listening to it, a rip-roaring singalong filled with snarling guitars and an extremely genial spirit. It opens with Bentley's friends all bowing out of the bar trip in favor of televised hockey, dates with the wives or, most disturbingly, sobriety.  It's enough to make a country star question the meaning of life, or at least his value system:

"Am I the only one who wants to have fun tonight / Is there anybody out there wants to have a cold beer and kick it to the morning light? / If I have to raise hell all by myself, I will but y'all, that ain't right / Yeah it's time to get it on / Am I the only one that wants to have fun tonight?"

Luckily, our hero's sad solitude at the bar doesn't last long; he's soon rescued by a "country cutie with a rock 'n' roll bootie" who fires up the band by buying them all shots, and then demands a dance partner.

According to Bentley on his official site, the song is already a huge hit with concert audiences. "The song is already killing it out there,” he reports. “The fans are singing the second and third choruses with fists in the air. I decided to stage dive Saturday night, and by Sunday night in Pittsburgh the fans were crowd surfing before I even hit the stage. They haven’t been shy about letting me know that I’m not the ‘only one!’"

Listen to Dierks Bentley, 'Am I the Only One'